About Us

Much like the hexagonal outline of our logo, Ekahal is a collective of varied personalities with interests running from deep-sea diving to mountain hiking to potato couching.

However, one characteristic that binds us together is problem-solving; we love channelling our energies into brainstorming insight-led roadmaps that can help our clients not only solve the problems at hand but prove to be sustainable solutions for the foreseeable future.

Why Ekahal?

Imagine a world where all of your digital woes disappear within the blink of an eye. That's the utopia we strive to create at Ekahal. We're a team of problem-solvers who love nothing more than tackling the trickiest of challenges. And we don't stop until that last, pesky little piece falls into place.

We're here to make your life easier.

We weave our years of experience, diverse skills and a touch of creativity to create cutting-edge solutions that leave our clients smiling. It's like having a secret weapon up our sleeves - except it's not really a secret. We're a stickler for quality and we deliver it all in good time.

We're not just tooting our own horn (although we could, because we're pretty darn good at it), but we've got rave reviews from past clients (arrow)

The Team

Ekahal feeds on collaboration and in order to meet design, marketing, technology needs of the businesses - our team plays on its strengths with the optimum mix of left and right brains for diverse perspectives.

Meet Our Founders

Bhavesh Dulani
Gaurav Chandiramani
Manan Vora